Volcanic Basalt Rock Pitcher by Max Lamb

Volcanic Basalt Rock Pitcher by Max Lamb

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Max Lamb made his mark by producing his own signature marble he deemed, "marmoreal" from a blend of marbles available to him in his native Cornwall, England. He is also known for his innovative, whimsical custom chairs made from surprising materials  like polyurethane or felled wood. This is his newest line of crockery.

After eighteen months of development ‘Crockery’ by Max Lamb has been remastered in black basalt. A collection of fine bone china tableware is slip-cast from plaster models he carved by hand, with glazed interior for functionality and raw exterior reflecting the modest surface texture of the plaster original.

Dimensions variable. Pitcher approximately 7 1/2" tall x 4" diameter opening at top, 7" from spout to handle

Limited edition.

"Lamb says he sees the world as a ‘working landscape’ where he can exploit raw materials to draw out their natural beauty." NY Times, Mar 2016